Cycle the popular pieces of art as well as community figures.

Zynk 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3

Please make is so that when we click to sort by "popular" for people, art, media, etc. it shows us the people or pieces that have the most promotions within the last week (or last 72 hours, hour, etc. give us an option to make our 'flavor of the month' longer or shorter). Also give us the current option of "most popular of all-time".

This makes it so that we have a consistent cycle of popular art and trends. It would work simalarly to Reddit's front page.

Thank you!


This would be amazeballs for discovering new artists.

I like this idea. The "Popular" section for artwork or other types of submissions has been showing me the same submissions for over a week now.


The popular sections had issues earlier, but those have now been resolved. You should be able to sort popular submissions in each category for weekly, monthly, and all time. Hopefully that helps for discovering submissions you love!