Ability to disable banner / Optional banner sizes

☼ s l e e p y g i l l s ☼ 8 years ago updated by Fuzzerfox 8 years ago 5

Once a banner has been uploaded, you cannot revert it to the original new-account state of being black, small and generally out of the way. (Default) It would be great if you could change the size for your banner as well, currently I personally find it to be quite large. (Different size options decided by the site would be fantastic). I would love to possibly allow for a text overlay on banners as well, however, that may invalidate the custom fields.

This is mostly a personal preference for my own account, I would like to disable my own banner until I come up with something, or to simply make it a little bit cleaner looking.

It could be good to allow disabling banners across the entire site for others who simply prefer a username and icon.


I agree, 1000px is a lot of scrolling just to get to the actual content.


Really needs a way to revert to no banner, I uploaded a placeholder picture just to try how it would look like and then I realized there's no way to remove it.


Same. I dropped my banner as test and now just am stuck with huge, bloated header. I'd love to revert to default.


I agree. The banner is too large. it's better to change the height to about 300 px, and give users the ability to remove their banner.