A Better What's New Workflow (Improved Shortcuts and Full View)

rudderg33k 8 years ago 0

A lightroom-esque workflow for the what's new page would be fantastic. Being to zoom into an image full-view and then being able to quickly do the following with sample keys:

Z: Pass/Move On/Dislike/Remove From What's New

X: Promote

C: Favorite (Maybe an option to auto advance?)

V: Download

Arrow Keys: Browse the Grid or List

Right now the Favorite and Promote shortcut keys are in a rather counter intuitive place considering there is browsing with the arrow keys currently so you have to move your hand back and forth between the key areas versus keeping one hand on the shortcut keys and one hand on the browse keys or mouse. While not married to those exact keys for the shortcuts I think there should be a Remove and Download hotkeys at the very least.

Thanks For Reading!