More informative texts on the site to tell new users "what's this?" and "how does it work?"

Simplemind 8 years ago updated by Rykomi (Support Admin) 7 years ago 5

Just some simple, short informative texts on the site, to inform new users about features, what they do, how they work and what they are for. Since a new user's account is empty, there is a lot of potential space.

For example: When you click on the dropdown menu and go to tickets, tell the user what tickets are and how they work. Or explain how the characters feature works.

This should give new and inexperienced users a better overview, a good first impression and can help to experience the site and its features more easily.

A little mouseover tooltip box would be useful for new users who are trying to find their way around, as long as it can be disabled or as long as tooltips are never displayed to the same user more than once unless requested again. I'll vote this one up. :)

Yes, tooltip box would be good, too. Or the message could just disappear after the user operated the task/feature in question for the first time.

I clicked the vote up button but nothing is happening. :/

That's strange, but thanks anyways! :-)


Hi there!

Through past year, we put some more information directly into the site's UI.

We'll make sure to continue doing so, however first of all, we we'd like to make sure the site's main features are complete and layout/controls finished.

For the time being, I'll close this ticket as resolved, though if you'd have anymore ideas they are more then welcome, especially more specific ones.