Allow us to clear all items in What's New by a certain artist

Morinya 8 years ago updated by Ant Nommer 8 years ago 3

It's been bothering me lately. Now that people are pouring all of their art here, there's been a looot of art dumps by artists I follow. Mostly, it's art I've seen before, but I've got to keep clicking X until I get to the new art. I was thinking that, for the sake of art dumps I don't want to have to sift through, I would be able to remove all submissions on the What's New page from a certain artist. This way, I can get to the new stuff quicker.

I was hoping there was a way to do this. Eesh, I have 800+ "new" items to go through just from today, and the first few pages of it are all reposts.


This would be really nice, as well as the ability to clear by certain criteria as a whole.

Be it by artist, tag, date uploaded, rating, etc.


Being able to sort the What's New section by artist would be fantastic. Maybe even do it the way deviantArt does, grouping things into folders.