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What's New on Mobile Now Not Displaying Xs for Removing Alerts

Lucian 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 5

In my What's New section on mobile, I had Xs in the right-hand corner of each submission so I could remove it once I had seen it. This is now not displaying and I have no way of clearing these. This means that after a while the site will stop loading new ones due to the amount already loaded and I can't see older content. Possibly an update side-effect?

Using an updated Chrome browser on an Android 'phone. Issue is new, this option worked twelve hours ago (before the maintenance).

I'm also having the same issue. Since so many furs have switched over from FA, I now have over 500 submissions in my "whats new" section that I can't clear out. People are telling me where the clear all buttln is and it's not there... >_<

so I am having a similar issue. I even have it showing 3K worth of new things that I can not remove, but if I go onto a regular desktop webpage of it; it shows nothing at all for me

Same problem here. I can't remove anything when using the mobile version. There is no X button and there is no "Clear All" button either.

Under review

We've had some significant changes to both the mobile and desktop versions of the site. I don't believe this is an issue now; if you could, feel free to check and see if it's still an issue for you. If so, we'll look into this in the near future.