Please Fix Image Quality

sheylore 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 4

Original image on left, FN upload one right.

This JPEG-y distortion at both quick and full view is a huge deal breaker. Will this be fixed? Hopefully quickly.

I talked with the person running their twitter about it. At the moment the site apparently takes whatever your submission file is and then makes a couple of jpg copies at various sizes, to facilitate smaller screens / phones. But it doesn't seem to store the original image (if you put in a .png, it'll come back a .jpg, regardless of what the filename is).

I guess they're looking into PNG support? But i'd really like to boost this up so that don't have to swim in a sea of furry artifacting

I dunno if it's better for me to make a new topic or boost an old one. But I'm boosting this to say that this is still a problem 8 months later, even with small files. :/

Under review

We're actively investigating this. :)


At this point, the website does create a .jpg image for the display. If users want the original format, they should be able to click the "download" button and have it in the original quality. If you wish, feel free to inform users in your description to click "download" for high quality.

If you do notice any other quality issues, feel free to submit a new ticket, and we'll look into that specific issue.