Some Uploaded pictures can't be saved and / or deleted.

Shadow Wolf 8 years ago updated by Rykomi (Support Admin) 7 years ago 5

Hello everyone ! I am using the site since a few days, and today I have been trying to upload a few things. The problem is that sometimes, when I click on the "Public" button to share the uploaded file, nothing happens and I have to reload the page, otherwise I can't do anything.

After that, the picture will be in my "Public" pictures but it won't be shown in it and it will also be impossible for me to delete it. Is there is a way to fix that ?

Thank you !


Are you experiencing Error 500 when you try to view artwork individually?

What you're describing sounds like the behavior of submissions affected by that error.

Yep, I have that error !

FN announced on Twitter that they're investigating that error, and there are several recent tickets devoted to it now.

I'm also waiting for it to be resolved on my own submissions, so I can only counsel patience. c:

Oh ! Well okay :) I thought it was a problem on my side !

Thank you ! :D


This bug should be resolved.

If you still encounter this bug, please let us know.