MP4 Upload - "File type not allowed"

Rayverak 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 6

Most of my MP4 files end with "File type not allowed", the rest gets stuck at 100%.

As an example, here is one such file.


Alright, the 100% issue seems to be resolved. Now the videos that were stuck at 100% can upload completely. But the videos that got the "File type not allowed" Message still won't.

I'm noticing that the videos that do upload were rendered from Vegas and the ones that don't rendered from MeGUI using the x264 codec.

What might be adding to this problem here:

I have an animation which does not show up which I cannot delete. Whenever I try to upload it again it says "filetype not allowed" but when I rename the filename... it works.

Well this is curious. Just now I managed to upload the File I linked in the original Post.

The next 3 files still had the same error.

Alright, after trying to upload the same file the third time, it completely succesfully.

Other files won't upload after 10 tries. This is really confusing. If this was a file transfer issue, I would expect a very different message.

Doesn't seem to be size related, as a 50MB file will upload first try, while a 5MB one fails 10 times.