Submissions are disappearing!

Caraid 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

Four pieces have disappeared from my gallery. They are still there when I go to the "Manage Artwork" section, but they are no longer in my gallery and all interactions with them (where I got them regularly before) have stopped, which leads to assume that other users can no longer see them either. When I try to view them by clicking on them in my news feed or notifications, I get a "500 error" blank page.

Two of these pieces were on the popular front page. This is an essential part of this website's purpose, I am missing out on a lot of exposure right now. Please look into it ASAP, as this is absolutely detrimental to user experience.

Under review

Caraid, we're circling around to all the past issues to see if they are still problems; I know the site has had several updates, so I believe this is no longer an issue. Do you know if you're still having problems with this? If so, we can ask our developers to look into this.


From what we can see, this is no longer an issue; we did have some database updates, so it should be resolved. If there are other issues, please let us know.