News feed showing submissions no longer in user's gallery (500 error)

Sebin Nyshkim 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 5

I'm stumbling over a lot of unexpected 500 errors recently when opening submissions from my news feed. Upon opening the details of a submission it just says "500 an unexpected error occurred".

When I opened the user's page and looked into their gallery, the picture shown to me on my newsfeed wasn't anywhere to find in their gallery page, probably causing the 500 error to show up. Or maybe the picture still is in the user's profile, just not public, since it keeps showing up despite reloading the news page. I can even interact with it (promoting, faving) without error and reloading keeps the interactions intact. But the submission page always results in a 500 error.

During news feed aggregation there should be a check if the current logged in user is able to view the pic's submission page before it is presented in the news feed, as this type of behavior is hell of a lot confusing.

Under review

Sebin, I wanted to circle back to some of these older issues. The site has gone through several updates, and this no longer appears to be an issue. Would you be able to check and see if you're still experiencing this at all? If so, we'll have our developers take a look into this.

Thank you!

I will try to reproduce the error.

I don't seem to get the error anymore. It could also be related to my newsfeed not being as active as it used to be so my own testing results could be skewed.

That said, I think we can consider this fixed.


Yeah, I think the site got super overwhelmed when we had a large crew jump over at once; at this point, it's calmed down, and growth has been more sustainable. I appreciate your help!