Move descriptions under the artwork

Storm Engineer 8 years ago updated by Athari 8 years ago 3

Right now descriptions (and comments) are squeezed into a tiny area on the right. Artwork descriptions can be pretty lengthy, especially if the artwork has a story to go with it, or is a YCH or auction where important details need to be given. In the same time there is nothing under the image, so that area is unused.

Please move descriptions under the artwork instead where there is plenty of space.

Also, in the same spirit I support the ticket suggesting that comments are also moved there: http://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/256-move-comments-under-artwork/

Just because FN aims to be better than other sites, it doesn't mean it must do everything differently. Also, not everything that works for Art Station (the site FN copied) does work for the furry community because we have different needs.


Yes! Move it underneath and give artwork, description, comments and tags the space they need and deserve.


Agreed! I sometimes have a short story that goes with my art, and having it confined in that small area to the right isn't going to let it be convenient to read. I also agree about putting the comments and tags underneath the art as well!


Comments are currently third-class citizens, as well as descriptions and even titles (which I find ridiculous).

https://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/1006-/ — my suggestion with an alternative solution. I think description in the side panel is nice (if it's expanded by default and not too long), but having an option to move description and everything else below would be great too.