Strange behavior when switching between characters

Fory Otter 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

When I tried creating a character 'B' while logged into my default character 'A' in firefox 46.0.1 with multiple tabs open to FN, then switch to it, I found that the tab in which I created the new character shows me browsing as character 'B'. However, the other tabs still show me browsing as my default character 'A', and I am unable to find the new character 'B' in my character list. Posting a comment from a tab showing character 'A' at the top right results in the new character 'B's name being attached to it.

Under review

Quix, I apologize for the delay here. The site has had updates since then, and we hope those resolved the issue. Do you know if you are still experiencing this issue?


At this point, we believe that the issue is resolved. If you are still seeing issues, though, feel free to comment here, and we'll revisit this.