Under review

Clickable links on Art/picture preview

Loopybear 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

Basically a request to add additional links on the preview of imagines that appear in the feed.

Image 149

So you can click-through to the artist's profile on the bottom left, click to see who has faved or commented etc on the bottom right, and if you click the artwork tag it takes you to all of that persons art. At the moment to see an artist's profile I click on the picture, then on the username. This removes that step.

Under review

I think the biggest advantage that you list is clicking directly to someone's profile. We'll go ahead and consider this for the future.

Clicking to see promotions or comments would be a good deal of coding, and that wouldn't reduce the amount of clicks. I could imagine this working similar to Twitter's "See All Replies" option, but this would probably be something that would probably happen with a larger site redesign.