Folders/Categories for characters I follow

PlaidSlurpee 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

This may just be me, but I would like the ability to put people I follow into folders (both privately and publicly). For example, if I go into my following I'd like the ability to create and name folders so it would be much easier to find artists, I just made an account here recently but on FA I followed almost 3 thousand people - but when I actually wanted to commission someone with a particular art style I could not remember names nor name anyone at the top of my head which lead to the tedious process of clicking a bunch of usernames on my watch list to see what that type of content that person uploaded.

Having folders for personal use would be a great help. The ability to make your lists private or public would also be useful, for example if someone had a folder for NSFW artists they could set that to private, but have their favourite artists folder set to public which could also act as a list for people you would recommend commissioning.

The image below is a visual representation of what I think would work, perhaps have them as drop down menus but keep the scroller to the side that includes your entire watch list and the ability to sort the the list in alphabetical order, highest watch count or by most active

Image 148


Because we haven't had a large demand for this, we're going to currently pass on this idea. If there's more demand in the future, though, we'll go ahead and look into this option.