Simple Text Only Notifications

DeusExMoose 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1


I was wondering with the volume of notifications one may receive, especially after porting an entire gallery's worth, if there were an option to simplify the notification system so that they would be read without icons or previews? Just makes it a lot easier as I don't need to see a thumbnail of my own artwork to know which one has been favourited or commented on etc.



I'm currently going through and checking all of the past suggestions that have been made. For this, I feel two ways about it.


People who have slower internet connections could benefit from this; the images are small, but they could bog it down if there's a large number of various images.


The images should be stored in the cache, so repeated views of the same image shouldn't actually slow down the connection.

Some people will accidentally disable seeing pictures, and this has a potential to confuse or anger users.

When it comes to layouts, keeping things simple tends to be the best - if there's not a strong reason to give an option, it's best to not have it. The one case where keeping images could be detrimental is with tons of notifications when someone uploads dozens of images, but the effects would be minimal for the vast majority of users; someone who does have loading issues because of poor bandwidth would likely experience it for every website.

Those are my thoughts. I'm going to mark this as declined for now, but we could definitely revisit if there were a large amount of demand for text-only options.