Inline Image Preview - Similar to Google Images

Psy Draggy 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

While browsing through the site I was getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of browser caching. (See this question for more details)

That's when I realized there's already a good solution for my problem out there: Google's inline image preview.

I could open everything I want to peruse in a new tab, then go to each tab before returning to the gallery, but should I have to do that?

The desire here is to be able to see the full image, not just the thumbnail, while seeing some additional information about the image. I don't necessarily want to see everything about the image all the time. Sometimes I don't particularly want to see the tag cloud, or the comments. I just want to see the full image, the artist's description, and maybe related images.

Yes, the idea is a direct rip from Google image search, but I think it would be an awesome addition!


We currently have the site setup to open a preview page when clicking on the submission; this allows people to navigate using keyboard shortcuts. At this point, the site navigation is mostly finalized. We may have some tweaks, but we won't be making large changes. I believe the current system functions mostly the way you've requested, so we'll not plan on changing this. However, if there is a large problem with navigation that many people want addressed, we can look into it and see if a change would help.