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Suggesting the option to change the website's text color. The white text on the dark gray background like on user profiles is a bit too much for my eyes, personally; I can't look at the screen for more than a few minutes at a time due to the contrast. I believe that it would be good to, at the very least, give the users an option of a "light" theme (i.e., light gray background with dark gray text). I'm sure that the people who have sensitive eyes like myself would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for the consideration.

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I definitely support this idea. I'd love for the site to have more colorful, "friendlier" options. I've never been a fan of websites that are just varying shades of gray and black.

I do get the basic concept behind the black, like I said, but it doesn't work for ArtStation either. It makes everything feel very cluttered imo, not a great neutral for being a BG behind artwork either. DA, while a mess, is a good example of having neutral tones but not sticking to black and white. They've got a lot of warm greens.

Old Oekaki boards are a great example also of the various coloration themes they could try, a lot of them would have up to 15 different options but none of them would be harsh or distracting.

This is a great idea! Having a brighter theme would be a blessing for my eyes.

In addition to the white text on dark background thing, I also have a little issue with tags and usernames (and probably a few other details) since they are blue! For you have a dark font on a dark background, which gets really annoying to the eye quickly. And several other things on the site are displayed in a faint gray font which is really hard to read sometimes! Especially for things like Submission titles, which are very important, and the way things are now make them seem like unimportant information.

The ability to switch between several default themes for the site, according to the respectable user's needs would be awesome!

Another thing!

Concerning the problem for colorblind people, like described in this post (https://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/271-better-differentiation-for-followfollowing-button/), there could be one theme specially designed to support colorblind users!

I'm not really sure how something like that might look like or if it would work, but a lot of things are possible these days!

We've had a few other threads suggesting different themes and colors; this is the main one: https://support.furrynetwork.com/topics/564-text-color-and-website-themes/

I'll merge this with the other thread so that we can keep discussions in one place. Thank you for the suggestion!