Site Suggestions

drawwithlaura 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

Just wanted to say that I'm brand new here, and loving it so far-very sleek, professional and has great promise to be the next big Furry site! Keep up the great work :)

I do have some minor suggestions to improve a few things, at least in my opinion anyways haha.

-When a person messages me, I can't click their icon or name to go to their profile.

-Clear way to set commissions to open or closed (still can't figure out how). If it's not in already, then also different commission types would be good, maybe also having a special sale/deal/event section for them too.

-I love that the menu isn't a hover drop down, but maybe being able to click my icon to quickly go to my profile would be easier then opening the menu and selecting "view profile".

-A sorting option on the commission page; searching via price range, reliability, etc.

-A way to update a submission file, currently there doesn't seem to be an option to do this. If there IS then making it easier to access would be great :)

-More accessible way to view favorites, having to go into "edit profile" seems very strange.

I think that's everything! I understand the site is still in beta, so the things I mentioned my already be on a to-do list, or some other alternative, either way; excellent work so far and I can't wait to really be a part of the FN community c:

Oh one other thing; changing your password is a bit odd-the button will turn grey, then just return to normal. There's no notification if it worked or anything.


I'm going through all of the suggestions and making sure we've looked at everything that's been sent to us. From what I can see, all of the suggestions here have either been implemented or are planned:

- You can now click a user's name at the top of messages to go to their page.

- Commissions can't be opened or closed as we're testing, but users will be able to once we're out of the testing phase.

- It's now easier to go to your profile.

- We're going to implement some sorting options in the future for commissions.

- While updating submission files isn't currently a feature, we're looking into the development time to do this. This will be tracked at this link.

- You can now access the favorites page from your home screen.

I hope that helps! Since we're tracking the remaining issues in other locations, I'll mark this as complete.