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Support for small time Vendor/Shops- Selling small run items

Lysander 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

There are a lot of times where artists have items made for cons and they dont always sell out. Currently most of us do some sort of form and paypal transaction and comment auction/form to sell the items. This is usually messy and cumbersome and technically not allowed by most payment processors when it is NSFW. It would be great to see some sort of support run beside the commission feature eventually that allowed artists to just sell prints or products directly using the same system.

Also, thanks for all the work you are putting into the site. It looks to be shaping up very nicely and im super excited to try out the new commissioning feature. Ive been burned by artists and commissioners before and heard so many horror stories with no sort tangible way to do anything about it.

This would be excellent. I know a lot of artists are using Storenvy but furries don't browse Storenvy the way they do with furry art sites. A 'product' or 'store' tab/submission format would solve a whole bunch of problems.

Under review

Reviewing this, I think it might be possible, but it could also depend on what's allowed by the payment processor; most NSFW items won't be a problem, but there are some guidelines regarding other items that we'd want to follow. This would also depend on the amount of time to develop this other use - once we have the commission system fully public, we'll be able to see how much demand there is for this extra service.

I'll put it on our possible improvement page for now, and we'll discuss it among staff. I wouldn't expect for us to have a fast answer, but once we have a decision, we'll post it here.