True SFW Mode / Hide Content Warnings

ChangeWing 8 years ago updated by LionsPhil 8 years ago 2

There are those of us who would rather not see adult work. On the other hand, there are a lot of really talented artists that one may wish to follow who do primarily NSFW work, with a few SFW pieces intermixed. For that we have content filtering. Even then, I generally leave windows open unattended, and having large "CONTENT WARNING" boxes all over the screen raises eyebrows. There should be an option to ONLY show SFW posts. In this mode, you should have to go into the settings to disable it, rather than the quick menu. There should be no indication that anything other than SFW (or whatever you set) is available on the site.

Building off of the 'mature' requests that I've seen, it would be nice to have options for each type of work:
General - Hide, Warn, Blur, Show
Mature - Hide, Warn, Blur, Show

Adult - Hide, Warn, Blur, Show

(I also added blur as a suggestion as It can give you an idea of the style of the work without seeing everything. Some people may prefer that to complete blackouts, because it tells you nothing about what to expect)

You could even customize it based on individual tags, rather than just block something, you could choose to hide it, blur it, or warn it.


Seconding true SFW mode, where anything NSFW isn't displayed in any way.

From the other side of this, I'd rather that people set to not see NSFW work (e.g. guests) didn't see a bunch of CONTENT WARNINGs either. With FA, a guest stumbling across my page sees all the SFW stuff. With FN, the options are they see a big "guests blocked" banner, or a bunch of "oh boy this sure is weird porn" warnings amongst the SFW content.