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Delete Inbox Messages

Mew 8 years ago updated by Rei_Tsubasa 4 years ago 10 1 duplicate

I noticed that you cannot delete messages in your inbox! It'd be nice to be able to; I prefer a clean inbox.

(also an error when you click on someone's username via the message).

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Mew, I'm thinking this is probably a good idea, but I do want to talk about the possible consequences.

1. Deleting messages means that you lose records of what happened. If there was an issue with harassment and the message was deleted by the harasser, we as staff would not be able to address those concerns.

2. Information that you needed in a conversation could be deleted permanently.

From what I understand at this point, messages for two people currently share the same conversation; if one person deleted something, it would be deleted for both. I'm unsure that the upsides of a clean inbox would be worth the downsides of losing information. What do you think? If there's a solid reason, we could look into how long it'd be to develop this.

I think we need this badly. I want to remove my dm's with people i no longer deal with. #MakeThisAThingDamnit 

We've talked about this recently, and I think it makes sense - you should be able to moderate, to some degree, your own posts. The biggest problem that could happen is someone could delete harassing posts to hide what they've said, but at the same time, I think it's fine for individual users to regulate their own content. The more you can do without staff, the better.

If we did this, we'd want to make sure flagged comments for harassment can be viewed by staff even if deleted by the original poster.


What if, rather than deleting the posts, a system to hide unwanted posts? That way, they are not gone in the case of being reported, they are not seen by users who do not want to see them, and they are fully recoverable should something be accidentally hidden.


That seems like the most practical solution from a moderation point of view - this would allow you to hide unwanted comments while still being able to flag them for moderation.

And possibly from a programming standpoint too? Because then it's just adding a feature and an extra database tag, not deleting while entries. At least that is what I think, probably why I'm not a programmer.

Happy to hear that this feature is being discussed. Cause i hate, and i mean HATE to see comments & dm's from people i no longer deal with and who i hate to my hearts content. So it would only be right for users to be able to remove messages. Besides i don't understand why would the dm's be removed from both individuals if the other one removes the conversation? Someone told me that happens if we are allowed to remove private dm's. Which is complete bs. Cause i bet there is a way for each person to remove them if they like or keep them there filling their dm's up. Either way. Mainly i just wish to remove my dm's cause they are only a mood ruiner. :P 

The deleting of posts was mentioned earlier. With the current system, messages are stored once (takes up half the room of storing it twice!) so deleting it from one user would delete it from both users and (should it be reported for some reason) moderation records.

As mentioned before, hiding stale DMs is a more practical solution that makes it so records are kept for moderation sake, one person can hide it without affecting the other, and you don't have to see DM sessions that bother you.

Yeah well i sure hope there is no visible button for being able to see the dm's again. Cause i want them gone. Lol.

This ever happening? I had a regular harasser i'd like to delete the messages of. I'd prefer not to keep seeing it in my inbox when I go to check my inbox.