New Posts Over Popular Posts

Hyginx 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

Hey, guys. I like the look of the new site. I do, however, think that newer posts should be shown by default and the option for viewing the popular posts should be below it. This gives the newer posts more of a chance to gain attention and still allows for people who are interested to see more popular stuff. Without this feature, you can end up with a system where only the most popular artists gain attention and the newer ones don't get the chance to be noticed.



Currently, we have a quick option to switch from popular to recent posts in the gallery. We've had quite a bit of discussion about changing which one is the default option - having new art show up first would help smaller artists, but it could also drive new users away if they don't see anything that grabs them right away.

In general, once people begin using a site, they want to look at all the various sorting systems, and they'll likely begin looking at the newest art coming onto the site. That's a system that works for most other websites out there - capture new users with the most notable posts, then ease them into the new art when they join.

Hopefully that makes sense. We're going to keep the popular posts as the first thing people see, but once they change to other sorting systems, those will remain the default.