From "Banned" to "Suspension" terminology for temp-bans

Sora Bito 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

What: The Banning feature used by Admins have revealed that bans can go from 1 day, to 10 days, to Forever. For bans that aren't "Forever" the terminology used could be "Suspension" instead of banned.

Why: Typically when you see "banned" you don't associate that word to something that is temporary. The use of a "Banned" icon on the user could also be seen as a 'Scarlet Letter' of sorts if the person subjected to the ban is able to contest it within reason. Having that icon when it's temporary could possibly open dialogue to drama and unwanted further attention to the situation.

Hopefully this is a simple change that could be entertained in the future. The site looks lovely and a lot of the feedback sound great! I hope to join the site soon myself :3


We've worked on changing the terminology. At this point, users facing a temporary suspension are considered "timed out" for a period of time.