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Some photos upload upside-down!

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Specifically, some photos taken with iPhones. iPhones do not actually record the orientation of the photo as part of the picture. In particular, iPhone users that take pictures using the + Volume button, or generally with the Volume buttons up, will easily notice this issue when trying to upload photos. Instead of saving the correct orientation, iPhones store information about the photo's orientation in EXIF data alongside the photo. It seems that FN does not account for this EXIF data, meaning some photos that appear right-side-up on my computer appear upside-down on FN. https://beta.furrynetwork.com/photo/18362/upside-down-images/

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This is a common issue with iPhone images, even Adobe hasn't handled it well. Apple Photos seems to be the only program that can deal with this issue. Its deniently annoying.


It's not only an iPhone issue, but also some applications do this as well, such as default Preview in Windows. Even PhotoNinja can make it happen if file is simply saved, not rendered into a new one. They all save orientation into EXIF.

The simple solution that I see is to add the ability to rotate the uploaded image. It might be the best solution of this issue, since it will also help with non-rotated images.

Here's my own example: I draw only in Autodesk Sketchbook on Galaxy Note phablet, but it never saves the orientation in which picture was drawn. Then if I render it as jpg (for a complex scene), Android will have an option to rotate the image from Gallery, but if the scene is simple, it's better to use png instead, but the problem is that Android can't rotate png, so I have to save it in jpg or send png to PC and rotate it there (which isn't comfortable at all).

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That's... an interesting and unfortunate bug! I'll add it to our list of stuff to look into.