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At 2560x1440, /artwork/ endless scrolling never triggers

Yottasaur 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 6

When viewing an /artwork/ page in chrome maximized at 2560x1440, the "Loading more results" bar is already visible on initial page load and there's nowhere to scroll to, which seems to prevent endless scrolling from ever triggering in the first place. Workaround is to temporarily shrink and then restore the window, but it would be nice if it could either load more images initially or at least trigger the first endless scroll population on page load in large resolutions.

Are you zoomed to 100%? I had the same problem and realized I was zoomed to 110% and when I reset it to normal the endless scrolling worked again.

I'm having the same issue. I'm running at 3840x2160. I can confirm that resizing the window to smaller also works around the issue.

An easy quickfix is to fire off the scroll event function when the page loads too, so that it can check if the bottom of the page is on screen when the page loads.

The "Load more submissions" Button also dosn't work for me. The Behaivior is really weird.

Having the same issue on an android tablet (Firefox for Android, 1280x768).

WIll go to the bottom of a feed, but scrolling doesn't trigger, and clicking on the link doesn't trigger it either.

Under review

The layout went through some significant changes. I don't believe this is a problem now, but if anyone sees this issue over the next couple of weeks, please let us know.