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1000-character limit on Messages should be explicit for removed

Jessica Belle 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 3


I'm sending messages with a friend and just discovered a hidden 1000-character limit.

Is this a necessary limitation? If so, perhaps we can have a counter placed somewhere on the page to let you know when you're nearing the limit. If not, it would be amazing to see it removed-- or bounded so high that you aren't likely to encounter it.


Agree, limits like this need to be stated outright, otherwise it just leads to user confusion/frustration.


I just noticed the limitation as well. It's outright annoying! I had to separate one comment into FOUR comments due to this! This definitely should be removed ASAP!

Under review

I'm going to talk to the developers about showing the character limit when people type. It'll take a while to get to this on our list, but I agree that it'd be helpful to see when you hit the limit.