Unfollowing for certain types of media

Jessica Belle 8 years ago updated by RyuuKishi 8 years ago 1


One thing that I like about DeviantArt (not necessarily how it's implemented, but how it exists) is the ability to "unsubscribe" from certain types of media submitted by different people. Janet writes awesome fiction but her art isn't worthy of my scraps, meanwhile Ted is a great artist but not so great a musician. I want my Notifications to be as minimal and as relevant as possible, and I'm willing to take the time to figure out what I want from who in order to see that.

An additive feature that would make this so great would be the ability to turn off various media types by content rating. Some people just don't draw NSFW work that fits your tastes, or systematically submits art with content you find unsavory... But, you also enjoy the rest of their art and don't want to completely unfollow that media type from them. Therefore, content-rating based filtering can be very powerful.

Thank you for reading!

Hiding the updates of a certain folder for example could be working.

Though the artist would have to organize it properly.

But i do like the idea. Often the journals people write are sadly not as interesting as the artwork they submit.