"Related" Section for Submissions & Content Creators

Sylar Enderpaws 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1


The addition of a "Related" section for submissions and profiles.


A small pool of suggestions to similar submissions or artists (depending on whether you are

viewing a submission or character profiles, respectively,) to be provided in a sidebar (or however you best see aesthetically or functionally fitting in with the rest of the site.

Other Information:

> Settings Toggleable

I would be looking for this option to be able to be toggled on or off in the site's account settings or content settings.

I would, personally, have it be defaulted as an active option, but that is simply because it is an option that I would enjoy to help me discover. I urge discussion of this point, as I understand having it 'on' by default may annoy people, but having it defaulted as 'off' may have the option go unnoticed by many people.


I know this might be an annoying feature for some, but I think, for those, like me, who have

even less reach or reason to stop by a submission that cannot simply be previewed in a thumbnail, like art submissions (Though, I will submit another ticket that will add a suggestion for some functionality at this level, though, not the same level of functionality as Art submissions for obvious, objective reasons. But I might tackle this once there is a more definite 'home page' aside from your Character Profile that unifies all submissions in some form.)

I know, I can be scrolling, see some colors, for example, that catch my eye, and I go back and

click on that art. Unless I have an artist that makes a new picture for each individual submission I make for text or audio, I don't think people will necessarily go out of their way to read or listen to something I have created.

Obviously I am listing the ways this benefits me, I'm certain there are other artists who don't

make traditional art (or an unproportionally small amount compared to stories or audio uploads,) in addition to artists that just need more exposure that would greatly benefit from this feature.

I think this would benefit everybody.


I do think it's important to be discoverable in the community, and we're actively looking for ways to improve that. However, there hasn't been much demand for this specific feature, and it would be time intensive to include. If we had more demand in the future, we could look into including this.