FurryNetwork @ syntax breaks all other uses of @

Jessica Belle 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 1

Hello all,

First time reporter here. Love the site, very functional. Some formatting/resizing aside I love everything about it. But there's a parsing bug with the @ symbol in the markdown-supported sections.

Markdown by definition should be able to embed links in a [name](url) syntax, however when I try to use this for an email, Twitter, or anything with an @ character, the parsing is broken and has [@word](/word) injected into it, no doubt the auto-linking feature FN has built in for quick references.

Convenient as this is, it makes it hard or impossible to actually write emails in. Even the Markdown-canonical <email@syntax> is broken, and instead returns <email[@syntax](/syntax)>. Is there some way to lower the priority of this, or improve the parsing scheme such that only members of FN can be @mentioned? Is that impractical as the system currently stands? I'm a bit curious as to the implementation details behind this (as a budding software dev), which is why I ask about its viability.

Addendum: The # symbol is similarly broken, replacing all instances with tag searches. This breaks hex-encoding on lots of symbols (tried circumventing the above via "@").