What's a good way to get noticed?

GuyKengoManagarmr 2 years ago updated by kevinphoenix123 2 years ago 1

Hi, everyone.

A few days ago, I officially set up my FN account. At the moment, I have made eleven artistic posts, one multimedia post, and I am following six people. The thing I am having trouble with right now is that I am getting no recognition whatsoever even after favoriting and promoting well over twenty posts.

Before anyone asks, I have fully deleted my Fur Affinity account as I am a migrant from there.

Has anyone else had problems with getting noticed?


Hello. I had also left behind FA. I'm just starting off here as well and hope to meet some new people, including those that share my interests/kinks. Best I can recommend, and what I'm doing myself, is to just start posting stuff a little at a time (like once per day or so). If you have a bunch of older stuff from FA, that would give you a nice backlog of content that you can reintroduce here. Hopefully, more people will eventually take notice, the longer you keep posting new (and old) stuff. Hope this helps!