Cannot login from Firefox all of sudden.

aureskarispriomnis 4 years ago updated by Jurann McRea 4 years ago 1

It seems that all of sudden, I am logged off of FN from firefox and I am unable to log back in due to it constantly telling me that combination of account/password is not matched. And I am 100% sure that I matched it. I tried resetting couple of times to no avail. Please help.

It's almost certainly due to the new Google reCaptcha v3 they are now using in the login page of FurryNetwork. It's very strict about browsers and browser settings, and the newer versions of Firefox have a lot of privacy options enabled by default now, which are caught by the new reCaptcha v3 system and flagged as "risky" so your login gets blocked. If you want to continue using FurryNetwork, you may have to disable Firefox's privacy settings - just another way Google is screwing anyone not using their browser libraries, and we've had posts here for over a month now asking the FurryNetwork devs to correct the issue with no responses.