Featured Artist and "__ of the Day" tiles never change

AeroNib 4 years ago 0

The Featured Commission ArtistsArtwork of the Day, Photo of the Day, and Multimedia of the Day front page tiles provide a perfect opportunity to expose users to great artists and creators that they may otherwise never stumble across. However, these tiles have not changed in as long as I can remember (at least months, maybe years). I saw a bug topic for them not respecting blocklists four years ago, so I assume they used to change. I'm also not sure what the mechanism is now for updating them, whether it's a manual or automatic process.

Perhaps there's some way to use promotes, favorites, or community voting to refresh these tiles every few days, although I could see that turning into a self-feeding cycle with the same couple of artists and submissions always featured. Perhaps site or community moderators would need to select something once a week or something.