Login Issues

Santo 4 years ago updated by GuyKengoManagarmr 2 years ago 8

Hey, I have been having issues login into my account since 6/13/20. This happens every now and again so I played it off and decided to come back the next day. When I tried to login on 6/14/20 The same thing happened, I got the prompt "Invalid username and password combination". I know that I 100% got my password and email correct. This still didn't work so I changed my password, however with the new password it didn't work. I am unsure what to do, and any help would be very appreciated! 


It's an issue with the integrated ReCaptcha. I'm having the same problem

Hello there! I'm having this same exact issue using Postybirb to post to the site, it's practically impossible to login. Any idea how can we fix this?


I'm also having problems signing in. I've tried both Chrome and Firefox, if that's relevant. 


I have experienced this in Chrome's Incognito mode and in PostyBirb.


Postybirb is unable to login to your site, please fix this.

Hey folks, the issue stems from FurryNetwork making use of the Google reCAPTCHA v3 system, which analyzes your IP address and browser history to determine "how real" your client is. It assigns very low scores to automated systems (like PostyBirb) and to systems coming from IP addresses which Google finds "questionable" as being used by humans (based on previous traffic, and known server/VPN/gateway IPs). When this happens (FurryNetwork rejects your login due to a low reCATPCHA score), you don't get an error message telling you that your login was rejected due to looking like a bot, instead you just get the generic "Invalid username and password combination" message. Sadly there is no way to fix these issues, which is why I've requested API Key access for API Developers (this is something the PostyBirb folks could also easily accommodate in their app). I'd recommend finding my API Key Feature Request and up-voting it in hopes it will get some attention.

I can't even create an account in general.