Art sets: An idea

Issac Sarrowtail 4 years ago updated by Jurann McRea 4 years ago 1

I guess that I have been browsing on pixiv too long, but they do have something that would likely be a good idea to replicate. Assuming that it is possible.

Art Sets...

So something that is rather unique of pixiv is the idea of a collection of uploads as a set rather than individual uploads, the images can be pooled into one label than uploaded individually and presented as one thing than several individual pieces of work that are related.
So more of this, for example.

Than (sorry, NSFW) something like this.

That said, I don't know how far FN would have to dig to get this done. I do acknowledge that this might be impossible as it would likely rework how uploads work to the site. That said, I feel like this is something worth considering.

That's not unique to Pixiv. InkBunny, E621 and other sites (most booru's) also support that feature.