New artists don’t get recognition here.

Tokaga 4 years ago updated by kevinphoenix123 2 years ago 2

When I open FurryNetwork. The first art I see is only by popular artists. As a result, if you check how much newer artists are viewed, the difference is night and day. Lots of great new talent will never get a chance to be seen here with this system prioritizing a select few artists first.    

Please make a way for new great talent can be seen on this site so they can get the business and attention they work just as hard for as the big players.

Not sure what decides who gets to have their stuff put in popular but I bet if there where other artist just as talented seen when people enter this site, they would get just as much favorites and promotions as people like Shuik, Wolfy Nail or Furball

I'm giving FN the benefit of a doubt for now. The best I can suggest is to network and directly meet people here and establish, well, a network of support. Personally, I don't ever expect to become popular here. But I would hope to at least get a few regular people who check out my stuff. Hope this helps.