Having trouble signing-in on my computer.

Bastion Snowpaw 4 years ago updated by Slimshod 4 years ago 1

I need help regarding the fact that I can't sign in to my account on the computer. The sign-in info is good, but the website keeps saying the info is invalid.

I'm using my cellphone to write this message, and the same info is allows me to.access the site using my phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm having this problem too. I think it's related to being in private browsing. I'll be logged in while in "private mode" on Firefox and I'll open an image from the feed in a new tab and the site will want me to log in again. Sometimes I'll go to log in and the system says my info is wrong, despite it being correct.

I'm using my computer, W7, FF v70.0.2.