I can't view Journals in Journals Tabs

Uluri 5 years ago updated by MoonWolf 4 years ago 2

Hi there,

I have noticed that Journals never show themselves in journal tabs of artists who have journals written. It will display the "Loading Journals" page forever instead with no change. Even worse, going to this page breaks navigation of the site as well as if I try to leave the page by pressing say... "Activity" or "Artwork" at the top the page will not change. I have to open a new tab in order to get out of the Journals tab.

I use Chrome. I've tried in Firefox with the same result (logged out). I can only view my own journals in edit mode.


I'm having the same problem myself. Really annoying since I wish to double-check on my journals and see if the links work.


I had a similar problem. When ever I try to view my journals it cause my browser to crash of freeze sometimes