What happened to suggesting tags? Or blacklist tags in submission?

Vas 5 years ago 0

It kinda seems like the site died. Many features "planned after launch" were 3 years ago never happened and input seems like it goes no where. I dunno. I had high hopes for the site.

I came back today and found that I can't tag people's stuff for them when they tag it incorrectly. Like a guy who put human hyper in my feed and I wanted it gone because I have both human, and hyper, blocked. I wanted to add the tags but I couldn't, there was no option anymore.

Also, I was telling someone on FA that the site shows art that is blocked because of tags in your list as a white square with "blacklisted" with a list of the blacklisted tags. I came here to show, but it seems like now the site just removes those things from the ability to view them in searches or your inbox.