[Site Usability - Keyboard Shortcuts] Remove+Next Shortcut

Ripper Equidae 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 0

At the moment, when you pull the "gallery view" (as I term it) up, you have the shortcuts for next, previous, promote and favourite. Whilst these are fantastic and do great, I often scroll through large quantities of entries in my Inbox.

It would be useful to have a keyboard shortcut that went to the next entry, but also allowed you to remove the item you just viewed from your inbox. This has the benefit that, if I have to back out of a written piece or end up leaving and coming back to the page, I don't have to endlessly scroll and try to remember where I was up to quite as much, since submissions would be removed as I go through.

This should probably be the existing key for next (right arrow) + a modifier key to avoid clashes with site navigation or other programs. I had considered the Del key too, but that could be quite disastrous in some cases!