Activity Page Improvements

meow 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 0

I like the Activity page, but I feel more can be done to it. But first I want to talk about notifications as I feel it goes hand in hand.

I like to be notified when artists I follow make an update. The only notifications we have are when people follow, promote, or message. Perhaps the notification system could be reworked? I like how deviantArt does it, you just hover over the icon and see whether you have notifs when someone you follow posts something, PMs, or someone commenting/faving your work.

So organize notifications something like: Notifications, Messages, Activity, Etc

Clicking them will take take you to their own pages for you to view.

Home, Activity History, and Inbox all seem pretty redundant. There's little difference between them, so it's hard to understand their purpose. Here are my opinions and then I will share my ideas on how to make them better.


1. The layout on this page is cramped. 

  • Make the left sidebar collapsible under a hamburger icon.

2. Give us options on how we want our Home page to look. I personally would like to have the option to have posts categorized by artist.

  • Options: Oldest to Newest, Newest to Oldest, By Artist, By Type, Stacked, List, etc

3. Make Home a real hub. I see what its going for, with the "Of the Day"s on the side and even putting artwork from artists I don't follow into the mix sometimes. I like that. Make it go all the way with this, because it falls short. I feel there's a lot of ways this could go. It's difficult to find artists here, I figure this may help a little bit more.

  • A "You might like this" category. 
    • If there's a tag I frequent or if I have tags of interest, make a category for that tag and pull artwork submitted with that tag and put it under it under a category.
    • Or let us follow custom tags from on our homepage.
  • Recommended artists category.
    • If there's an artist that a lot of people that I follow follow, let me know about them.
    • If there's an artist that draws a lot that tags their work with my tags of interest.
    • Have a random recommendation.
      • Show their work beneath their name.
      • Have a dismiss and follow button.
  • Recently promoted.
    • Pull all recently promoted artwork from people I follow and collect it under this.

4. I talk about this again below, but make notifications from here delete-able.

5. Add timestamps to this page.


I don't see the point of this page at all. You aren't getting notifications for them and deleting these from the Inbox serves no purpose.

  • Merge this with Home.
    • Allow the messages to be delete-able from Home.
    • Add time stamps from here to Home.

Activity History

I like this page, it just needs a few tweaks.

  • Post filter.
    • Allow us to select what types of post we want to see in the feed.
      • Artwork, Photos, Stories, Journals, Promotes, Comments, Etc
    • Add an option to follow tags in the feed.