Import Tool for FA does not import all submissions it finds no matter how they are categorized on FA

LexGoyle 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 10 6 duplicates

I gave the import a spin a couple of times. The first time it found nothing. Turns out this was because all my stuff was in scraps. After I moved everything to my main gallery the import tool found all 116 submissions. However, it only imported 91 of them. I tried again and it grabbed some extras but not all of them and created duplicates.

Next, I cleared my gallery here after ensuring everything was gone and gave it another try. It still found 116 submissions but this time only imported 88 of them. The first time around it got them in order, I was just missing several submissions but as of the latest import things were put out of order.

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this should have been categorized as a bug. nevertheless I can say I've experienced a similar problem if not exactly the same - the importer simply did not import my gallery items from furaffinity at all so I had to upload them manually.

I have this same issue. It will find all of my artwork, but then import a random number and selection. The first time I tried, it found all 76 submissions on FA, and imported 7 random submissions.

mine is finding 0

I have found some now under drafts.

The problem seems sorted out now.

The problem appears to be sorted out now.

The import tool still doesn't work. it just says Complete!: 0 out of 228, it's not even importing anything at all. I've ran it multiple times now and it's got nothing.

I'm having this problem as well. It says it processes all 281/281 but after it completes it says 0 of 281.

Mine ran for 6 hours before turning to artwork. I have 4 art-works on FA. It's been running import in there for another 4 hours+.


The importer has had some times where it had issues; however, it should be functioning correctly at this point. This should be resolved, but if you do have any other issues, feel free to comment here, and we'll take another look.