I would like to see a similar visual thing done to audio like soundcloud does.

Shougo Amakusa 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

To have a better experience with audio content, have waveforms or other virtualizations of music available on the site. This might be a big task but would certainly set Furry Network apart from other competing sites in terms of musical representation.


I came here to post the same thing! Visuals or something to look at while the music is playing will make a world of difference capturing eyes. (and ears) The soundcloud waveform idea would be the best for this site and maybe the album art or something behind it. Right now it's just a blank screen with a tiny play bar.


While I do think this would be a neat addition to the site, I'm concerned about the amount of resources that would need to go into developing this, especially since the end result would just be a visual element. It's possible we could visit this in the future when we have the majority of the site design and functional features rolled out.