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Multimedia uploads not hitting Draft Mode

Tantroo 7 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

I go to upload a multimedia file and submit the item from my computer (using both the drag and select from browser method). The file hits 100% and doesn't do anything from there.

Usually a few icons will show on the upload once it's ready to be worked in draft mode and the draft count will +1. This does not occur. Leaving the screen will have the file effectively go away (no draft, as if it were not uploaded at all).

I tried uploading a image using the Artwork uploaded and it is working as expected, so it only seems to be multimedia under this problem.

Under review

We've been having a few issues with this recently, and it seems to be a problem that comes and goes. Could you give it another shot? If it still doesn't go through, could you take a screenshot of your developer console? It'll look like this:

If you need any instructions on how to access that, I can provide those, as well.

Thank you for letting us know about these issues; hopefully we can get them addressed soon!