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Mobile browser view follower overlay

Xan Steel 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

Not sure if this has been mentioned as I did search and could not find it.

I'm having a weird issue when I comment on a piece of artwork or journal from a follower. I'm using Safari on iOS 10. When I click to view an artist work it brings up and overlay. Ok that's fine. But when I go to comment everything disappears (goes black). I can still type with the onscreen keyboard, and when I click done everything comes back and I can see what I typed.

Anyone else experiencing this

Under review

Xan, I apologize for the long wait; we're currently getting to all the issues and hopefully getting caught up. This isn't an issue I've seen before. Are you still experiencing it? If so, could you post a screenshot?


Not a bug

Xan, to clear out the backlog that we have, I'm going to close this issue; if you are still experiencing this, though, please let us know; screenshots of what you click right before it goes black would definitely help.

I appreciate it!