Public development timeline

Neotheta 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1


A type of page that shows keypoints of the sites development, past, present and possible plans. Such as fixing of bugs, adding of features, removing of a feature, developer breaks. Key things are easy & quickly looking what was done and when, without too much text to read through, also searchability. This page should be easy to find from over the main site and also this forum.

Past serves as documentation, present serves people being able to see what is currently happening (or IS something currently happening), future/plans gives an idea for users to know when to look forward to some of the features that got to the 'planned' state.

Why is this important?

Sites like these stay active because content creators keep posting. However, at the moment a lot of critical features for content creators are missing and the only reason we hang about is because we are hopeful that the site keeps growing and eventually we will get those features and actually settle to use this site for real.

But that hope will eventually drain away if we don't see anything changing. A lot of changes will be ones that goes unnoticed by a lot of people since they're not huge visible ones or entire features, this is why it's important to have a source to easily check if something has recently been done - without having to read through the long texts in the blog posts.

In simple:

Being able to see that someone is still interested and developing this site plays a huge part in 'should I stay or give up with this'.


I'm looking into doing this on our blog. The biggest risk, though, is that future development can't always be predicted. For example, we've been working on testing commissions for the last while; we were hoping to expand to more sellers a few weeks ago, but we had some delays due to unexpected bugs. Missing project goal dates can really drive down enthusiasm.

With that said, I think this could be done with the right framework; we just need to have generous buffers and let people know that dates can really change depending on what happens.