Notifications switch to default profile after some time

Neotheta 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 2

This is a problem if you have multiple profiles, a rather awkward one. After some time when the browser is open and you have FN in tabs, if you're using a different profile rather than the default one you'll start getting notifications (inbox items, faves, comments, basically everything) from your main profile instead. However it seems that actions like commenting and favoriting will still happen under the correct profile displayed.

This is how I can reproduce the bug:

1. Switch to my secondary profile

2. Leave FN page open overnight (not entirely sure how long exactly)

3. Suddenly get wrong notifications

I'm not sure how new this bug is, because I usually only use my main profile and I typically switch back right away from the alt ones. After I noticed this happening once I tested it again and it repeated.

Under review

Neotheta, I know we've had some updates, and I haven't seen this appear for myself personally as of late. Do you know if this issue is still happening to you?

I appreciate your help!


For now, it appears this is resolved. If there are any additional issues with this, feel free to submit another ticket.