"Add this profile field to your profile."

Vas 8 years ago 0

I'd like people to be able to click a button that drops down a box to add a profile field someone else made, to their profile. Allowing the user to edit the contents of the profile field right then and there before it goes on his profile. Even selecting the position it goes by typing a number like "3" so it goes into slot 3, pushing the others down.

This profile field would copy the content that is in it too, for the sake of easy editing of some of the formatting done in it. This way if someone decides they want to copy some of my fields with little hassle, they can. I'd like to actually make some custom profile fields however for the site that are static and help with formatting. Like including dropdown boxes to select from a list of options, however I doubt I'd get to do that so, this was the idea I had really. :P

Perhaps also add a feature to the page where you create new profile fields where you can import a pre-made profile field with text from within using special hash codes? And allow an export of one you made into a special hash code.