following list in alphabetical order

BlackGaze 8 years ago updated by SammyReese 6 years ago 0


I like FN a lot and I am trying to follow all the artist here that I know from elsewhere.

So I stumbled upon the fact, that I can't sort the list of who I am following in alphabetical order which makes it hard to find a certain person since I have to search through all of them.

My main point here is to suggest a button on the right named "A-Z" in "My collections".

To better navigate through the results you could add letter headlines.

Another way to make it easier for people to find someone in the following list would be to implement the search function that is already available for the "FN collections" in "My Collections".

An additional suggestion for the community section would be a tag system for people

You could use tags like: #digital artist, #traditional artist, #animator to search for the kind of artist you like.