List Mode for User History

scythemouse 8 years ago updated by Digby (Community Manager) 7 years ago 1

I supposed this is due to my preference of the kind of things smaller items on a webpage would provide. Basically, my idea is an alternate mode for pictures on a user's history. Each item would be similar in size and composition to the topics on the support page, with a thumbnail of the picture on the left, with the name next to that and the details underneath.


We currently have two modes to browse the What's New feed - one with icons, and one with larger images. This tends to be the most used feed, and it seems to work well.

We'll be making some changes to Activity History, as well; there's been a lot of discussion about what would be best, and in general, we are leaning towards something similar to Twitter or Tumblr - we want to make it easy for people to see, favorite, and share submissions. If we had more demand for a list-type view in the future, we could consider it.